Our Services

With our data-collection expertise, we will be able to provide you accurate and clean data.

We simplify your way of retrieving clean and accurate data. Beyond that, we help you to provide useful insight to gain competitive edge.

Scrape Complex website

Scrape websites with Anti-Scrapping Measures, Infinity Scrolling, etc.

Access Data in any Format

Access Crawled data in any way you want json , csv , xlsx, etc

High Quality Data

Remove duplicates and ensure complete data before delivered

Quality Hosting

Our scrapers are hosted on reliable cloud servers. Therefore, you can access to accurate and reliable data anytime.

High Speed Crawler

Have your data ready within a short period of time.

Easy Settings

We set up everything for you.

High availability

99% Uptime.

The Data Knight is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider that can crawl publicly available data accurately.



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